God loves all of his precious babies, both human and animal. He smiles each time a mother tenderly holds her infant for the first time. He smiles when a newborn kitten takes its first drink of milk from its mother. He laughs at the antics of baby birds squabbling over a juicy spider.

God cries when He sees His human children killing each other's human infants as well as His animal babies.

God cries when he sees hunters club His baby seals to death and rip their skins from their bodies while they are still alive.

God cries when he sees farmers imprison His baby calves in dark boxes without access to their mothers so that they can be slaughtered while still tender.

God cries when he sees a pet owner dump a litter of baby puppies by the side of a highway where they will either starve to death or be run over.

God cries when He sees the homes of His animal babies ripped to shreds by chainsaws and bulldozers.

Please help God dry His tears and bring a smile to His face by doing your part to care for all of God's babies.

1. Help make sure that only those human and animal babies that will be nurtured and loved are brought into the world by providing family information to prospective mothers and by spaying or neutering puppies and kittens.

2. Help stop clearcutting and other destructive practices which destroy the homes of God's animal babies.

3. Volunteer to work with churches and social service agencies to bring love and affection to neglected human babies.

4. Volunteer to work with your humane society to find adoptive homes for unwanted puppies and kittens.

5. Plant trees, shrubs, and flowers that will provide homes and food for baby birds, squirrels, bunnies, and butterflies.

6. Work to stop the slaughter of God's animal babies for the production of souvenirs, fur coats, pet food, or any other commodity.

We bless and honor God when we take care of His Creation and all of His babies that reside therein.

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